What is this website all about?

I love marketing. Seriously. Love.

Marketing sits at a unique spot in most corporations, touching the worlds at design, engineering, finance, business development, and more.  It allows for interaction with people inside and outside of a company.  Part art. Part science.  It is a field that never becomes boring.
But as much as I love marketing, I REALLY love marketing online (especially of the content marketing variety).

Exploring Marketing

This site is primarily an exploration of online content marketing with brief excursions into other families of marketing.
Of course, my love of marketing is hardly the only reason I’m starting this site.  The fact of the matter is much of what exists as online content marketing…quite frankly it sucks.  And it frustrates me.  I hope I can serve as a small voice of hope and reason in a field that is awash in buzz-speak and banality. If not, at least I can clear my conscience.
At any rate here are the different types of posts you should be seeing pop up over the months and years to come:

Type 1: Unusual Marketing Tactics

These posts will be the most common excursions away from content marketing proper (though it may also include content marketing tactics). The point of these posts is to explore cool and unusual marketing tactics that I stumble across.

Type 2: Marketing Strategy/Tactics/Philosophy Review

These posts are more serious but still fun.  I’ll explore a famous marketer’s strategies, tactics, or philosophies.  We’ll be looking at what is good and questioning what isn’t so good.

Type 3: Reflections of a Real-life Online Content Marketing (RROCM)

A standard will be the RROCM (pronounced “rock ’em”). In these posts, I’ll reflect on actual experiences from my day job or my freelancing gigs, each with a golden (or at worst silver) nugget of wisdom on how to do effective content marketing based on my wins, or what traps to avoid based on my mistakes.  Given the brutality of life, there will probably be more of the latter type of post. #schoolofhardknocks

Type 4: Dumb Content Marketing

This will a less serious yet strangely still serious type of post where I’ll tear about one or more bad content marketing pieces.  Not to insult the creator of the piece, but to help us all learn via negativa on how to do content marketing RIGHT.

Type 5: ????

Who knows what other awesome stuff is on its way.  At the very least I’ll toss in conference and marketing tool reviews.
Good luck and happy marketing!
– Brandon